Collating All Data


Collating all the data isn’t so bad, and it’s sort of better than expected also. Hence the reassuring friendly Picture, it’s not all bad out there friends, it’s not all bad.


Almost even on the gender side of Gaming, Male pipping Female at the Post, but only a few that don’t associate with male or female.

Most of the players prefer to play as Female characters in game, and less wanting to play male characters than there are people that have no cares about gender at all for characters.

According to the research many people sometimes play games for competition, but only a small part of them really take it seriously. with some saying that they hardly ever play for competition, and more for fun.

Most players seem to immerse themselves into an online world mainly for escapism and great story telling from the research that I have conducted, with the least people saying that they were in it for trolling people and “pwning some noobs”. In fact the second largest statistic relayed was of strongly disliking people who Troll others. A good amount of People actually play them to be the hero also, more so than to test their skills, but less than to experience thrills in relative safety.

Everyone Having fun is a Massive plus for most players followed shortly by everyone trying their hardest and everyone showing up on time strangely, whearas not many people are actually bothered with following guides specifically or everyone staying in character, looking the part or having the best gear, which surprised me a great deal. many of the players denied they like people doing as they say, and many openly dislike being forced into doing a certain ammount of hours per week in a game, being neutral to either playing alone or with others and whether those others are people they know in the real world or not, and or being in a guild with them. A fairly even percentage of players dislike people taking things too seriously also. Many people are not bothered about min maxing and everyone having the same expansion packs either.

Changes and Attitudes:

Many players are not bothered about changes that make a game easier for beginners as long as they keep things challenging as a whole, with new content and gear being a major seller for many players. Not many are bothered about new players making mistakes or asking questions and are equaly neutral to players asking them for help with only a low percentage getting annoyed with any of them.

Many players are pleased with new UI improvements and Extra races with updates to current player models, with many being neutral to changes that encourage casual players to join their game, with some being less than impressed with changes that take away the need to specialise as much. It was surprising the amount of people that disliked easier leveling and progression in game, although many were more that happy with it there was still a quater of the players that found it annoying. On the social aspect of it, more people like the idea of languange translation software to play with people oustide of there language range, many being neutral either way. But most of the player were actually very happy with any changes that allow players of all levels to take part in end game or world based content together.

Out of the styles of play that a lot of Players choose, DPS was the highest followed shortly by Lone Wolf and Tank and then Healer and Finally Surpport. Surprisingly nobody wanted to be the off Tank or the Crowd control, and noone was a stat cruncher. It’s almost like those that Choose the tank role, want to be the only tank, take the lead of sorts.

It was a big fat maybe for whether a player would stop playing an MMO should they have a bad experience due other players, with almost equel ammounts saying yes and no also.

And as to whether Gaming’s acceptance within society has improved a player’s experience in online games, the leading opinion was that not much has changed, followed closely by Yes and with only a small percentage saying they hated it.

So far the Data seems to be pointing in a good direction for the Future, in comparison to how things have been in social media recently this makes for a more optimistic view, far from what I was expecting.


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