For the Signs to give a presentation on I decided on the very signs that will be paramount to my game and puzzle solving there in. These were created Directly in Maya using a number of basic tools such as Extrude and others. Below are the iterations for the rendering.

Signs1 Signs2 Signs3 Signs4 Signs5 Signs6 Signs7 Time Travel Discs



I have purchased several books to read for CS, TheDesign of everyday things, invisible cities (although I think I have the wrong version of it) and a little gem I found in the book hive last week below.


Giovanni Battista Piranesi

220px-Piranesi-PortraitGiovanni Battista Piranesi was an Italian Artist famous for his Etchings of Rome that were made into postcards. And for his “Prisons” fictional Atmospheric Work.

2793340_1_l Giovanni_Battista_Piranesi,_Ponte_Salario,_EngravingHe studied as an Architect under his uncle who was a great excavator.

h2_41. SetWidth500-1969346smallThe Remains of Rome was a major theme in a lot of Giovanni’s etchings, alongside the more modern Rome of the day, giving some images a haunted quality.

220px-Piranesi01 220px-Piranesi9c 220px-PiranesicarceriGiovanni’s Prisons, take on a very different quality, nightmarish or dreamlike these prints evoke the feeling of laberynths, mazes and dungeons in surreal and dream like settings. Almost Whimsical visions of monumental and Achitectural ruin. his work would later go on to inspire surealists and Echer.

Luiga Serafini

luigi_serafini_patafisicaLuiga Serafini is an Italian Artist and designer who is best known for creating the Codex Seraphinianus.

288719603 codex-seraphinianus Codex-Seraphinianus-660x477The Codex is an Encyclopedia of an imaginary world, and is written in a strange and unintelligible language The Book is divided into eleven Chapters, and cotains Flora and Fauna, Kigdoms, physics and chemestry of the world and much more.

codex03 codex-seraphinianus-1 cs-p84To look at it seems very much like the concept art books that I collect from games and films today.

Monument Valley

One of the tasks we were given on Wednesday was to research monument Valley, and from the main release trailer I discovered the behind the scenes trailer. This gives a nice bit of info on how small Indy teams work, and also how they wanted to create a game that was artistically pleasing.

One thing that has struck me though, is that the core game isn’t actually that far from the Idea I have been toiling with for BA4. It has the same explore and interact to change the world and progress through the story mechanic that I wanted, if a little different in mechanics to those of mine.

Antonio Gaudi

220px-Antoni_Gaudi_1878Nicknamed God’s Architect, Antonio Gaudi was a well know and Individualised Architect who’s work was known to transcend the constraints of modern architecture. inspired by Nature and Religion and under the influence of neo gothic and oriental techniques His distinct and individulised style created works of incredible artistic imagination.

5375671049_76b04e457b_zGaudi rarely if ever sketched or penned Ideas, in favour of creating scaled down models of his work. He the moulded the details as he created them.

330px-Sagrada_Familia_01Gaudi’s masterpiece the Sagrada Família is still unfinished, and is one of the most viewed monuments in spain. It also wouldn’t look to far out of place as a location within a game, which is interesting as it’s within the maze of buildings in Barcelona.

150px-CasaBatllo_0170 170px-Casa_batllo_roof 240px-CasaBatlloOne of his most Game like of designs is the Casa Batlló, every part of it leads the “player” down different paths and forces them to look at parts of it’s architecture. The Whole Building is Built in such a way that it looks magical, organic and incredibly unique.

240px-Jfader_batto_roof 1024px-Casa_Batlló_(Antoni_Gaudi)_(atrium),_43,_Passeig_de_Gràcia,_Eixample,_Barcelona,_Catalonia,_Spain 1024px-Casa_Batlló_Light_WellMany of these images conjure up some of the places from Alice in wonderland, It’s easy to see Similarities.

Casa_Batllo Casa_Batlló_Parabolic_Arches Staircase_casa_batllo

Casa_Batlló_(Antoni_Gaudi)_(atrium,close_up),_43,_Passeig_de_Gràcia,_Eixample,_Barcelona,_Catalonia,_Spain Casa_Batlló_(Antoni_Gaudi)_(interior),_43,_Passeig_de_Gràcia,_Eixample,_Barcelona,_Catalonia,_Spain