Essay Done

Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been having many personal problems recently that have not only effect my life in big ways but have also had a knock on affect in my work and blogging.

but I digress.

The first second and third draughts of my essay are now completed, it was a job trying to get everything into the 2000 word limit even with the 10% allowed to us for overspill. Condensing and editing 3793 words down to 2199 was really hard, and I had to cut some great qoutes from Ian Boghost, Jane McGonigal and Jessy Schell which I really didn’t want to, alongside my research into War of the worlds the radio show and the election games of the 2008 elections, including Pork wars and in game advertising for the Obama Campaign. But I think what was left gets the point across answering all the questions and giving me knowledge I previously had none of.