BA6 Task 1

It feels like it has been far too long since I last typed on in this journal, I need to timetable more spaces for CS.

But I digress, The first task in hand over the Easter Break is to Research and Play two games, one Educational the other non educational answering the questions within the framework given. It is better explained below, as Sharon posted.


• Research the first of the three areas of study: Educational Games

• Play an educational game and a commercial game that is used in education

• Analyse their properties using the frameworks that we have established

• Produce a short (500 word) written comparison with two images, for the first session after the break.

visual framework

• What does the game look like?

• What are the possible visual influences?

• Does the game offer intertextual references?

structural framework

• how do the rules and conditions of the game create conflict?

• are players struggling against each other or the game or both?

• what are the interactive experiences provided for players in the game?

• what feedback does the game offer?

critical framework

• consider the game in terms of context:

• origin • year of manufacture

• company (do they have a ‘house style’)?

• target audience

Make a comparison

• What strategies do the games use to persuade the player?

• How do they gain and retain an audience? (Who is that audience?)

• How do they achieve or fail to achieve their goals?

I’m still trying to figure out what games to Playtest, should I pick two that have similar frameworks, such as sim city and it’s educational equivelant? Or two completely different games. All games can offer some form of quest based learning right?


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