Reviewing The Data

After Reviewing the data from both the surveys, I’ve noticed there is a lot more friendly responses from people I know. This may be reassuring to myself as it means I have chosen my friends and links wisely, but I feel that I need a much broader Perspective on things.

This is why am thinking of releasing the surveys to the wider web for more colour, although I shall have to discuss this with Sharon and the others on wednesday and see if that is the best option. Putting things Out in the open can have negative results, as the many people that like to “troll” on the internet tend to mess about and not do things correctly just to annoy people. And although a big part of this is to explore the negative and positive sides of gaming culture, I’m not entirely sure that kind of negative “help” would be such a great thing for my results.

Results so far have been extremely positive, and if anything even on the more ambiguous questions it seems people have taken the approach of neutral to positive reactions. such as the changes to games, that actually surprised me, because of the amount of negative feedback you see in forums.

The Gender split was also surprisingly even for a player base also, although that may change as more people fill in the survey. But the great thing I noticed was the amount of people who don’t care for the gender of their character, and in fact care very greatly for the immersion of Story over anything else, although this may change as it is an ever evolving creature.

one thing I have found out is that it’s great fun to watch it all unfold.


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