More Links for the Survey and Gina Jackson

Have Linked the Surveys on as many social networking sites as I can, Linkdn, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram (had to use a picture of my dog to link it on that one)

Below are today’s notes from Gina Jackson’s Lecture, was great to see her again and she had some great information and what looks to be a fun live brief. Me and Jenny should be teaming up for this one, and thanks to MC all I can think of is the moonmins now, in Fact Jenny is buying the complete collection tomorrow.

I also hope I didn’t make too much of a fool around Gina, because I’ve seen her in the Industry for many years in magazines and the like I kind of end up with the same problem I have with celebrities and fumble my words and generally make myself a fool. That and I ended up choking on my own air during her talk. Talk about looking a muppet.


Next Gen Skills Academy.

Women in Gaming top 100.

Gender Balance.

Work Force survey.

Encourage Balance.

The Challenge

  • use a metaphore.
  • develop game idea into pitch
  • identify key game mechanic progression
  • As well as look and then formulate into pitch with 2 min video
  • include target audience, platform, budget and potential commercial model.

I wish I had utilised the time to interview Gina more also, I think she may have had some good information on how gaming culture has changed. If only I didn’t forget what I am saying around her, damn my fear of famous people.


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