Gaming culture specifically MMO gaming culture is an ever evolving creature with many faces, while one face can be inviting and helpful another can be menacing and spiteful, and others decidedly apathetic. It is the many heads of this Hydra that I wish to examine in detail from past to present, comparing and relating to real world society where similarities arise. This will involve looking at parts of cultural Elitism and the class system, groups and gangs, and people’s sense of entitlement.

I shall also be looking into how game’s acceptance in society has not only changed who plays games, but has also changed how some people view this change. Some are reluctant and what to keep what is “their” culture theirs, while others are glad of the influx of new friends into the fold. The flip side of this coin however is also those that have jumped on board and have the “I’ve arrived” attitude, this can be noticed sometimes in online shooters.

Race and Gender shall also play a part in this, with more gamers comes more genders and cultures to the table, I’m hoping to find out not only how the gaming culture is split gender and culture wise, but how the MMO culture reacts and acts, this will also relate to something else I wish to include, which is how people treat others in this virtual world and how they believe the lack of real world laws allows them to be racist and sexist and offensive with out much of a worry for the repercussions.

I have also started a survey campaign within many groups and social media links I have via survey monkey. This should Give a good deal of Primary information to analyse and build a solid foundation for future casting the subject matter.


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