Elitism Within Games Media

What has struck me as interesting, is that it’s not only the regular players in gaming that seem to have an elitist view on things. The games media can be biased towards one developer or another, and in some cases making assumptions about developers whilst putting others on pedestals.

Does the Hype of one game make people view one better than another, Like the points that were raised by the critic on the link below. Why was it that Bioshock (although one of my favorite games) viewd as incredibly revolutionary with choice making in games, when others have been using choices in games a lot longer. In fact with more choices, Maybe it’s the cultural references within it that make it stand out.

Why is calling your game “badass” viewed as so bad, surely have a love for you game is good no matter the choice of dialogue. And is it fair to assume that all games developers are uncultured and that one is far more intellectual than others because of the subjects they talk about, maybe it’s just different interests.

On the whole though I dissagree to some extent what the critic says, I think that the comments were taken out of context, and that in actual fact the journalist was just making reference to the fact that he was talking about things that not many they had interviewed before had.

Likewise for the reference to the choice compared to other games, other games have had choices, but to what extent do those choices effect the overall story in both those games and bioshock. Who knows where games journalism is going to go with elitism, there are certainly many more amateur critics like the one on the link below, who all may have many of their own views and dislikes.



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