Changes for Better or for Worse?

It’s Interesting to see the Different Critical view points as to how the face of MMO gaming is going, there is a form of Elitism that sneaks into any changes that are made for ease of use or making things more playable for “Noobies”. Many are of two minds, some are dead against it and some embrace it, but it’s strange to see how many arguments are raised over mechanics that actually don’t make the game easier to play, but make it easier to cut out the middle man.

Take Dungeon Finder in Wow for instance, this provides players with a chance to find random people to play through the dungeons with, cutting out the constant message spamming of “LFG – Blackfathom Deeps”, and saving having to run to the dungeon or wait for people to arrive.

There are two sides to this, one that it has obvious benefits for being able to do dungeons, but the flip side is that some view it as taking a little away from the immersion of the Game world, the finding and meeting people in central hubs and towns and then traversing the world to get to the journey’s end, a lot like being in the Hobbit or some other famous fantasy adventure. It can have this effect, much like instant teleprting features in other games.

But the Argument could be made that if you really don’t like these additions,you don’t have to use them. It’s all swings and roundabouts. But the views can be quite acidic from some people and they view it as destroying “their” game. The Entitled nature of some of these can lead to heated debates and even arguments.

Where could this go in future as more and more players are flooding to such games, developers will start to make choices that make the game more “playable” than other MMOs, and this mentality can also then feed into the new mmo players creating a new form of elitism that is already rearing it’s head. Players that have only played games with said Improvements then vilify older games that have kept to the “if it’s not broke then don’t fix it” mentality.

I’m begining to wonder if the future of elitism in gaming is going to be a very dominant feature, also I feel like I may have an idea for the title of my Report, “NOOB The future of Elitism” or “Naturally Offensive Or Blunt” or maybe “From Noobie to Leet, the future of Entitlement”

I’m already immensely enjoying researching this, I really need to check if there are any books that would be appropriate reading for this subject. Maybe sharon could advise some Tomorrow.


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