Researching the Journalistic Style

Today’s lecture was interesting, although i think it was a Seminar actually. Was great discussing and raising and answering Questions. The Subject matter that we have to choose from seems really interesting too.

I have decided to do an Editorial Analysis of Cultural acceptance and the negative flip side of the popularity, touching subjects like cultural elitism, Bullying and the precious sense of self entitlement that gamers tend to have when faced with people new on the scene. I want to investigate how this culture is growing or dying and see where it may lead in the future.

I’ve started by first looking at the writing style of Edge, I don’t think this should be to hard to take a spin at as it seems similar to my own style.


Below are the Notes Typed up from today’s session.



              Discussion sessions and recording in blog.

Future Casting

Where are games going?

  • what have we discovered
  • Cultural Acceptance
  • Markets and Technologies changing

Different Reports and Structures.

  • Extended Essay – Standard Essay
  • Industry Report –  Written in enquiring format, facts and figures, Investigating.
  • Factual Report – (can’t actually read my notes for this part, may have to scan the page in)
  • Reflective Report – write and reiterate on own practice.
  • Editorial Report – Short editorial piece for magazine in style of Edge, Then write sepperate analitical report on own work.

in all cases your report well.

  1. Identify a problem or Question
  2. Articulate
  3. Research
  4. Evidence
  5. Structure
  6. Be thouroughly referenced
  7. read brief carefully


Technology and Tech advancement, Oculus Rift, Morpheus, google glass -issues and problems?

Cultural Acceptance, Museums, Sophia george, V&A, Barbican – how do you get people interested?

Game Content, how it is changing, plaer bases.

Look ahead by looking at current trends to predict the future.

Scanned Notes:


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