Jerry Gretzinger

Whilst browsing the world of alternate reality Map Making I stumbled across this Gentleman.

Jerry Has devoted around 50 years of his life to creating an alternate reality map that is forever evolving and changing depending on what card he picks from his custom made deck daily. It’s amazing to just listen to him discussing the world in the video below, in a way that actually makes it feel like an actual living world. Every detail he adds, every change he makes, it’s like an almost endless god game for him, and in a way it is. He seems to genuinely care about the imaginary peoples that live on this map, that’s why he puts in the fail safe to protect them from the void card. But it all makes sense, he has created this living changing world and even goes by the rules of play for what he can and can’t do, he has in effect created a game for himself that will only end with himself.

I shall definately be using him in my presentation.


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