After looking into all of the area’s to research and form a presentation on I have found that the one that Maps is still my major Interest, and is probably the area I have looked into the most.

My proposal is to investigate the different use of maps within games, and the way they help to create the world and add to it’s overall immersion. I shall also look into the reasons and inspiration for the maps with reference to Historical and cultural influences.

Key Points:

  • I want to examine what works and what doesn’t work, in both Aesthetic and also functionality.
  • Discuss the use of maps throughout the history of gaming, and how the maps work.
  • Talk about how maps could be used in future to form even more cohesive worlds.

I also want to look at how maps also cross over out of the games and can become a part of the Trans-media subject as well, such as Maps not just being used to map out the levels in creation, and in navigation in game, but also as collectables and status symbols in special editions of games, that is similar to the status symbols of  the merchants of old.

After receiving feedback on my proposal (seen below) I now feel I have a greater unsderstanding of where to take my research.

“Dear Neal

thank you for your email, I think your structure is very clear, and although it is in the paragraph at the end, the content about how maps form part of a transmedia world is very interesting: perhaps you could look at the use of maps in Alternate Reality Games, which create a fictional world inside the real world, often operating as a closed, secretive ‘magic circle’ (Huizinga, Homo Ludens). This would add to the cross over element in your presentation between the areas we covered. It will mean editing carefully – there is a lot of content to cover and you need to be able to make your points clearly without trying to cover too much.
Best wishes

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