Today’s Notes

Bit late as the Pills I had for my Migraine knocked me out for several hours, but better late than never.

Today’s Lecture was on Trans-Media Story Telling, which was a really interesting subject. Using different media and the comunity to enrich and add to the world’s we create is facinating, and it reminded me of several franchises that have done this in the past.

  • Dungeon’s and Dragon’s have done this in numerous ways, Starting off as a pen and paper table top RPG game, it has taken what players have made and created these ideas of worlds into a wonderful cornicopia of Multiversity. The Forgotten Realms and Eberon worlds for instance are an example of how players helped shape the world, and how the story telling in books based on characters that were played in this world through books by such Authors like R A Salvatore have enriched and added to the experience, spawning¬†computer games, comics, figurines, replica weapons, and much more.
  • Warcraft has also done this, in almost the same way, spawning books, manga, board games, figurines, comics, card games and even a table top game to flip the above example on it’s head. Thus one makes a computer game from a table top game and the other makes a table top game from a computer game. it’s madness. Characters from the Manga and Comics have even worked their way into key story arcs in the game itself. Kalec of the Blue dragon flight is a great example of this.
  • Peter Pan was another that sprang to mind, years after the first peter pan stories were told, Peter Pan in scarlet was released by the trust that owns the franchise, telling a later and much darker tale to peter’s adventures. The book adds a lot more dimension to characters such as the lost boys and also examines Peter’s own changing personality as he strays ever closer to becoming the one thing he has been fighting all his life.

Neverwinter_PCDL_v2 WarcraftRPGPeter_Pan_In_Scarlet


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