More Maps

As I kind of know what route I want to take with this Project now, I thought I’d upload some images of different maps from games I have been researching and looking at over the past few weeks, and the different ways that games use maps to evoke the adventure in players. I would like to look further into the ways we as Game designers can use the maps we design in fun and inventive ways that can have a much more interactive process with the player that that of just a screen that they look at from time to time to see where they are.

  • How does the Player use the map?
  • What are the features of the map?
  • How does the Map’s style effect the overall look and feel of the game?
  • Is the Map Easy to read, and if not is that itself part of the game?

I may add to these Questions to get a better Idea of what the outcome will lead to.

Below: Maps I found interesting or well designed.

14994714199_76c2c97463_zVelocity has a clear and well laid out map, that both compliments the game style and is easy for the player to use.

fe13map_full double_risenworld_ss1connect-img4 Fire Emblem Awakening is Made up of 3 Different Maps, the First represented Above is the general overview of the world map, the next that is also above is the world map as used for traveling, generally the overview is on the bottom screen while you move about in the navigation map on the top screen of the 3DS.

FireEmblemAwakening2 fire-emblem-awakening-batallaThe 3rd map is the actual in level map that makes up the almost chess like board of the main core game design. This both effects how the players are allowed to act and move around the game world/board in a grid like way, with different tiles adding hazards and obsticles in between the battles that happen. For instance sand makes certain units move slower, which effects how far they can move each turn, and some areas of the map can only be traversed by flying units. walls can obstruct melee units, and high ground can give damage advantages. and impressive way of using maps in many ways in one game.

EndlessSpace1 endless_space_disharmony_newinvasionuiThe Game endless space is Practically made up of one huge network of planets that once discovered make up an expansive interlocking and beautifully colourful space map that can be zoomed in and out to exceptionally high amounts. The Game it’self is based around exploration, and although it leads the player down a lot of set path ways, the player is still in control of which pathway to choose in the maze like space scape, and even in some cases is able to jump from pathway to pathway.

mariolandMario Is another game that use an overview of the world in map for for travel between levels, in fact it’s something that has stayed with the 2D mario games for as long as I can remember. Although Mario 64 seemed to break the mold on this rule a little, later mario games went back to using it, you could even say that the game board from mario party uses a similar layout.

FxgMM  Zelda is an interesting series of games, many of them making up the game world in the form of a map, everything you see above is a wonderfully realised overview of the entire overland map of one of the Zelda games, and although this doesn;t include the various dungeons that litter the landscape you can see, it is still a substantial part of hte game mapped out from the in game areas.

pokemon-map-zztdaebaPokemon is another that uses maps in a similar way, the world itself is seen much like Zelda from the overhead position, and when you piece together the different areas it makes up a perfect representation of the layout of the land that is portrayed in the art posters that come alongside the games. This kind of attention to detail with mapping really helps to solidify emersion for the player into the game world.

pokemon-fl-kanto Although Both of these pokemon maps are from different versions of Pokemon, it’s clear to see from both the art poster and the in game poster how Nintendo like to map out all the pokemon games.


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