Giovanni Battista Piranesi

220px-Piranesi-PortraitGiovanni Battista Piranesi was an Italian Artist famous for his Etchings of Rome that were made into postcards. And for his “Prisons” fictional Atmospheric Work.

2793340_1_l Giovanni_Battista_Piranesi,_Ponte_Salario,_EngravingHe studied as an Architect under his uncle who was a great excavator.

h2_41. SetWidth500-1969346smallThe Remains of Rome was a major theme in a lot of Giovanni’s etchings, alongside the more modern Rome of the day, giving some images a haunted quality.

220px-Piranesi01 220px-Piranesi9c 220px-PiranesicarceriGiovanni’s Prisons, take on a very different quality, nightmarish or dreamlike these prints evoke the feeling of laberynths, mazes and dungeons in surreal and dream like settings. Almost Whimsical visions of monumental and Achitectural ruin. his work would later go on to inspire surealists and Echer.


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