Antonio Gaudi

220px-Antoni_Gaudi_1878Nicknamed God’s Architect, Antonio Gaudi was a well know and Individualised Architect who’s work was known to transcend the constraints of modern architecture. inspired by Nature and Religion and under the influence of neo gothic and oriental techniques His distinct and individulised style created works of incredible artistic imagination.

5375671049_76b04e457b_zGaudi rarely if ever sketched or penned Ideas, in favour of creating scaled down models of his work. He the moulded the details as he created them.

330px-Sagrada_Familia_01Gaudi’s masterpiece the Sagrada Família is still unfinished, and is one of the most viewed monuments in spain. It also wouldn’t look to far out of place as a location within a game, which is interesting as it’s within the maze of buildings in Barcelona.

150px-CasaBatllo_0170 170px-Casa_batllo_roof 240px-CasaBatlloOne of his most Game like of designs is the Casa Batlló, every part of it leads the “player” down different paths and forces them to look at parts of it’s architecture. The Whole Building is Built in such a way that it looks magical, organic and incredibly unique.

240px-Jfader_batto_roof 1024px-Casa_Batlló_(Antoni_Gaudi)_(atrium),_43,_Passeig_de_Gràcia,_Eixample,_Barcelona,_Catalonia,_Spain 1024px-Casa_Batlló_Light_WellMany of these images conjure up some of the places from Alice in wonderland, It’s easy to see Similarities.

Casa_Batllo Casa_Batlló_Parabolic_Arches Staircase_casa_batllo

Casa_Batlló_(Antoni_Gaudi)_(atrium,close_up),_43,_Passeig_de_Gràcia,_Eixample,_Barcelona,_Catalonia,_Spain Casa_Batlló_(Antoni_Gaudi)_(interior),_43,_Passeig_de_Gràcia,_Eixample,_Barcelona,_Catalonia,_Spain


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