Wednesday’s Lecture

Was a great lecture on Wednesday, lot’s of debating and interaction which always gets really in depth. The main debate at the end was the relevance of Maps within mazes, labyrinths and worlds, and whether they make the world bigger or smaller, add or subtract from the experience or make it less personal.

I again brought up the notion of Cartography in games, and how completing your map makes it your personal map and adds to the game.

Some others talked about games that had very explicit maps taking away the adventure and mystery, and others argued that some maps in games require you to unlock them or explore them to get rid of the fog covering them.

Helen Pointed out that some maps such as silent hill’s can be down right missleading at times, as it changes where things are and where the player needs to go through the game.

One thing is for sure as I managed to point out towards the end, just because you have a map in a game or maze, doesn’t mean you’ll be able to use it correctly. Part of map reading is governed part by the player and part by the design of the map, if the map is unreadable then even the best play will end up lost, but just because a map is the best in the world doesn’t mean a player as daft as myself will be able to use it to escape a maze.

Below: Notes

IMG_5319 IMG_5320


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