BA4 Creating Coherant Worlds


Creating Coherent worlds, and the use of maps to both create and guide the Player through these worlds is something I take a great interest in.

I have always enjoyed creating and studying maps, it’s always been a first point for creating worlds and establishing the very layout of levels and areas that I am creating.

I Shall post My Notes up ASAP, and shall be gathering reference imagery and information over the next week on all of the topics we covered in today’s session.

Above: Map of Eaorzia From Final Fantasy XIV.

IMG_5296 < Some Maps on My walls I have collected from various Games.

IMG_5328 < A map I forgot I had, It’s a very early Map of Wisbech, the Town of my Birth.

Below: Notes, Although, I can’t seem to make WordPress upload them the correct way.

IMG_5286 IMG_5287 IMG_5288 IMG_5289


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